Here at RALLYtek International we specialise in making crap cars crapper at our new flagship
RALLYtek Rally Prepeation Headquarters in Burbage.

We offer all the services you may require to turn a road-going car into a fully rally ready weapon.
Although we do not work on Corsas, Saxos, or 106s as they look silly enough in most cases.
We like nice green Focus RSs
Led by Chief Technical Director Sir Adam Kitchy
of the Bronx B.A.(Hons), RALLYtek boasts many
talented individuals to transform boggo cars in to
real works of art.

Household name Alex Stigsky Jordi van der
Cruyff Moore also works here at RALLYtek as
Chief Tester and Paint Specialist.

Please see our The Team section to see all our
highly skilled and talented staff.
This is a rally car. Our's don't look like this
We offer the full rally prep package, which
includes the following services
  • Paint & Design
  • Bodywork
  • Rally Lighting
  • Enhanced Cooling Systems
  • Painting
  • Designing
  • Modification of bodywork
  • Lighting Systems
  • Cooling System modifications
  • Grpahics
  • A Bit More Designing