We all like lights. Rally neccesities they be.

Whether you need some additional lighting...
...for a Stelvio Crash Support Espace, or a
full set of eight lights for your uber rally car,
here at RALLYtek we can blow your fuses
and melt your wires, and then start small
fires. We may also feck your alternator at
the same time.
RALLYtek offer a full unique enhanced super
design service to get your cars looking just
how you want them. Look how pretty our
previous work is.
If you want a new look for your car, book an
apointment with our paint and design
specialist and let him show how good your
car can look with a Microsoft Paint
Don't like the look of your car?

No worries! We can apply many various body
shaping techniques.

We even offer a mobile service is Italy where
we can reshape your car on the move! Known
as the Stelviotunnelcrashintopillar Technique,
it's results are a tad dramatic.

Originally tested on our car, oddly no-one has
yet asked us to do it for them.
RALLYtek now offer weight reduction
programmes, to help reduce excess weight.

One question we always ask is 'is this bit really
important? Whats the worst that can happen if
we lose it?' followed by our motto 'It'll be reet'
Who really needs lights, bonnets, and front
wings anyway?

Actually, why don't we take that wheel off too?
Remember, it might not even be your car
you want to modify. If you happened to
borrow a Zafira from Avis, sweet, we can
make that look rather nice too.

Be aware of 'valeting' charges from the hire
car company though.
Yes we do engine tuning and replacements. Only 50% of the cars pictured ended up being
We don't do servicing.

This isn't us.
The Escort Only Mini-Cab service.

All drivers wear helmets.
Emergency Replacment Fuel Call Out Service
Towing Services
Although we specialise in making crap cars crapper, we can occasionally turn our hand to
making good cars crap, as shown below with this Fiesta RS1800.
Chief tester Alex Stigsky Jordi van der Cruyff Moore (he changed it by deed poll but don't tell
Mummy Moore) will happily drive your car into a tree whilst making tales of slippery muds blah
blah etc.... then declaring the car is suitably safe to crash in, although we aren't sure as yet what
purpose this serves when the car can't be used again other than as a nice large paperweight.