What areas do you cover?
We mainly cover Sussex and Surrey. There will be a small surcharge to cover fuel and travelling time outside 10 miles. Please ask us for a tailored

How long can I hire the inflatable for?
The price of the hire is for a full days hire. We consider this to be 7 hours hire. Anything over 7 hours, there may be an additional charge. Please
check with us when booking.  The price also includes our full set up and dismantle at the end of the hire.

How do I pay?
You will be asked to pay when the inflatable has been set up. At this moment we can only accept cash.

How do I cancel?
We do not charge a cancellation fee. We kindly ask that you call us as soon as possible to let us know you wish to cancel the booking.

What if it rains?
We are not permitted to set up any inflatable if heavy rain or high winds are forecast. If it should rain during your hire we instruct that the inflatable
should not be used for the Health and Safety of the children. The bouncing area can become slippery when wet. A rain cover is provided for a very
light rain shower only and a sun cover is also provided

How long does it take to put up the inflatable?
Please allow us 15-20 minutes to set up and the same to dismantle. Once the inflatable has been erected by Toddler Bounce, the anchor stakes
must not be moved. Please call us if there is a problem.  

Where can the inflatable be set up?
The inflatable can be set up both indoors and outdoors. Inside, it needs to be placed away from glass and other such hazards. For outside use we
ask the location is cleared of any rubbish, sharp objects and animal mess. It cannot be put up over very uneven ground such as pathways. A gentle
slope is OK. We will also need reasonably good access to wheel the inflatable into position.
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